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Intern for Applications department

Intern for Applications department
Paris, Île-de-France

Job Description

As a part of the Field Application team, the mission is to develop software on an 8bits PIC microcontroller implementing various filtering techniques to drive a small capacitive keyboard.

The candidate will test and compare various software filters to enhance accuracy of keypress detection in noisy conditions to avoid false detections.

The goal is show the effectiveness of implementing a guard ring on the PCB to filter out noise


Steps involved in this project:

* Become familiar with Microchip MPLAB X IDE, XC8 compiler and MCC plugin

* Create an MPLAB X project using MCC plugin and the existing Touch library

* Use a simple PC GUI to monitor in real-time the signals coming from the capacitive sensors

Study of the various filtering algorithms of the Touch library

* Implement and compare the effectiveness of the various filters

* Debug the software and test it under noise conditions

* Write a step by step English manual ( like an application note ) allowing a beginner to create a project from scratch and implementing a capacitive keyboard using robust filter techniques

Job Requirements



* The candidate is expected to exhibit curiosity and a proactive approach to look for existing material and examples

* Good analytical & problem-solving mindset/skills.

* Practical knowledge of developing software solutions for embedded applications around microcontrollers (ideally PIC-based).

* Proven experience with Embedded C programming.

* Knowledge of serial communications such as I2C, UART and SPI protocols is a plus.

* Good communication skills in writing and speaking English.

Prior exposure to :

* MPLAB X, PIC16 or PIC18, MCC plugin

* Debugging using Pickit3 or ICD3 on MPLAB X will be appreciated and very useful for this project.


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