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Our Benefits

Competitive Global Compensation and Benefits
We believe our employees are essential to our ongoing success, so our global compensation and benefits programs have been designed to reflect this value. We offer competitive, comprehensive benefits packages to our employees around the world. While the specific details may vary according to country or region, here is a general overview of the compensation and benefits programs that will be offered to you when you join Microchip.
Shared Profit
and Ownership
At Microchip, every employee participates in and is essential to the company’s short- and long-term success. We believe that employees experience more fulfillment and enthusiasm when the company’s profit and ownership are shared. Therefore, it only makes sense that the compensation package for every employee includes a bonus plan based upon Microchip’s financial success. In addition, each and every employee becomes an owner of Microchip through our stock programs. We also offer programs to recognize and reward employees for their innovative contributions.
and Welfare
When you and your family are healthy and happy, you have more energy and focus to develop your career and enjoy your work at Microchip. With this in mind, we have designed our benefit packages to offer a range of options for maintaining your physical and mental wellness. Your Human Resources representative will be happy to provide you with the specific details on the benefits offered in your location.
We want to inspire you to pursue a path of lifelong learning. While this will help drive Microchip’s success, ultimately you will benefit the most from the many opportunities we provide to help you thrive in your personal career growth. We offer a variety of options to help you continually improve your job skills and knowledge through both technical and non-technical classes. We make training available to all employees, even those in remote locations. Our team of skilled on-site trainers provides instruction in classroom and virtual classroom settings, where you can ask questions, participate in group activities and practice your newly-learned skills. If you prefer to learn at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to you, we also offer a number of classes through our online e-Learning system. We also support special job-related education that is available from external speakers, industry conferences and training events, as well as from accredited academic institutions.