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    "There are many things that I like about working at Microchip, but the one thing that stands out to me is the fostering of open communication at this company. Our policy of having regular one on one meetings is one way we do that but also, Steve and Ganesh' commitment to organizing roundtable luncheons with employees, as often as they can. It's a great way to give employees, who wouldn't usually come into contact with the President and/or the CEO, to have some open dialogue with them, thereby sharing ideas and insights with them."

    Lia, Executive Administrative Assistant
    "My favorite things about Microchip are our leadership, our culture and our leadership's commitment to our culture. I love the fact that employees hold our top management in very high regard; this has not been true at other companies for whom I have worked. Due to our culture and guiding values, we all work together towards known, measurable and common goals. We work hard, and we all get to share in the successes and rewards."

    Tammy, Technical Staff Engineer
    "I have enjoyed working at Microchip. The leadership is well-respected by the industry and employees. The work environment is stable, and the culture very empowering and supportive. This has been a great place to both grow yourself and make a difference for your customers."

    Leslie, Technical Staff Design Engineer
    "I love working at Microchip because of the company's guiding values and the way that the pursuit of those values empower employees to become not only better at what they do and further their career, but become better people in the process. The work environment that results allows everyone to flourish."

    Matthew, Corporate Applications Engineer
    "The way I see it, it is simple. This company wants you to be happy, proficient, and have a good quality of life. Transitioning to this company was seamless as could be, and only got better from there. The comradery is second only to my time in the service. It is a 'little home away from home.'"

    Alek, Senior Metrology Technician
    "When I first started working at Microchip, I was surprised to meet so many people that had been at the company for 10+ years. Now, I realize why! Each employee values hard work, learning, and success. Our leadership is transparent and promotes our Guiding Values through their actions. Microchip has created a unique culture that promotes individual growth and allows everyone to share in the successes of the company."

    Shannen, Business Systems Analyst
    "I really like working at Microchip. I've met so many great people here and I love that it's a team-based environment. The leadership at Microchip goes above and beyond to support employees to allow them to be successful and achieve their goals. The benefits are also fantastic and have allowed me to provide stability and security for my family."

    Anthony, Production Specialist
    "Microchip is a wonderful company, committed to its timeless, effective, values-based culture. The organization is committed to investing in employee development, team optimization, and endless opportunities to learn and grow. I hope to make Microchip my home for the remainder of my career."

    Sean, Senior Training Specialist