Sr Engineer 1 - SW Development

Bangalore, IN

Req ID: I880-19

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Company Description

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of embedded control applications. Our product portfolio comprises general purpose and specialized 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers, 32-bit microprocessors, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) products, a broad spectrum of high-performance linear, mixed-signal, power management, thermal management, radio frequency (RF), timing, safety, security, wired connectivity and wireless connectivity devices, as well as serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM), Serial Flash memories, Parallel Flash memories, and serial Static Random Access Memory (SRAM). We also license Flash-IP solutions that are incorporated in a broad range of products.

Job Description

As a Software Development Engineer, you will be responsible for the design and development activities associated with software using a range of applicable technologies (e.g., programming languages, compilers, assemblers, debuggers, analyzers, other tools), Modifies existing software products to add new functions, adapt to new hardware, improve performance or enhance product usability.


  •     Responsible for developing UEFI protocol drivers, Applications for PCIe storage adapters.
  •     Responsible for all software and UEFI related issues during the planning, development, and validation stages of the program.
  •     Participates in the software development lifecycle, which includes research, new development, modification, security, correction of errors, reuse, re-engineering and maintenance of software products.
  •     Responsible for the delivery of products within budget, schedule and quality guidelines.
  •     Works with the team to develop, maintain, and communicate current development schedules, timelines, and development status.
  •     Manages or utilizes software that is built and implemented as a product, using best-in-class development process/lifecycle management.
  •     Participate in detailed design and code reviews of implementations by the team.
  •     Write comprehensive engineering documentation.
  •     Present technical information to teams of engineers and technical marketing personnel.

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of UEFI and PCIe Architectures.
  • Skills in programming in C, X86 Assembly, C data structures.
  • Experience in porting software to a different architecture.
  • Skills on understanding and improving algorithms.
  • Knowledge of compiler optimizations and cross compilations.
  • Experience in developing UEFI drivers, applications and EFI shell scripting.
  • Knowledge of UEFI specification, EFI protocols, and EDK2 development kit.
  • Experience with one or more storage protocols such as SOP/PQI/FC/iSCSI/SAS/SATA/SCSI/NVMe
  • Experience in using PCIe and SAS/SATA/NVME Protocol Analyzers.
  • Experience in system-level debugging using any hardware debuggers.
  • Ability to develop new approaches to complex design problems.
  • Cultivates develops and manages strong relationship with team members.
  • Capable of working with customers and technology partners in architecture development.
  • Effective communicator of technical ideas using verbal as well as written skills.
  • Customer support for Data Center and Server OEM and ODMs.
  • Willingness to set and meet deadlines.
  • Highly motivated, sets personal goals, and achieves goals without supervision.
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