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Working Here

Employees are Our Greatest Strength

At Microchip, these are not just words; they are a part of our very being. It is reflected in the Guiding Values used to define our company culture and the day-to-day decisions we make as a company around the world–every employee shares in the success of the company while our benefits packages and policies are designed with employee wellness and safety in mind. During tough economic times, Microchip has a demonstrated history of taking steps to retain every employee, if possible, while others around us were significantly reducing their headcounts. It is even reflected in our organizational charts–every one of them has been flipped up-side down. As Steve Sanghi, CEO, says "I do this to show that I work for our employees." Microchip believes it is at the employee level where work gets done and decisions are made. Combine that belief with a unique business strategy that has employee empowerment as one of its key elements and it only makes sense that employees are recognized as our greatest strength.

As a Microchip employee, you are part of a winning team. Microchip is one of the top performing semiconductor companies in the world as a result of thousands of customers around the world who recognize our well-executed strategies, strong technology and product portfolio, unique company culture, and professional ethics.

You are also part of a company that recognizes that it has short- and long-term fiscal and social responsibilities. Microchip and our employees around the world continue to demonstrate our passion for supporting each other, the communities in which they live and work, the universities and schools that provide for the future and those that are less fortunate through support of a wide range of charitable organizations.