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Military service members and veterans are an essential part of Microchip's continued growth and success, and we value your outstanding military training and education combined with your real-world experience in teamwork and leadership.

Microchip offers rewarding career opportunities to veterans at every level of the organization from entry-level to experienced professional and managerial positions. We have many opportunities available across our various disciplines such as engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, information technology, finance, human resources, and more.

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Hear From Our Veterans
Stu Chandler, US Air Force Technical Training Manager in Chandler, AZ

"As a newly recruited avionics technician in the USAF, I quickly learned the importance of a sense of mission. I also discovered that when people embrace a mission, and are given responsibility, they rise to it. This sense of mission and responsibility provides the ability to maintain flexibility in a dynamic world. As an engineer, and later as a manager at Microchip I've seen that our sense of mission, and culture of empowering the individual, has made all the difference. Each of us understands what we want to accomplish, why it matters, and know we have a voice in the process."

Bob Craddock, US NAVY Hardware Engineer in Hauppauge, NY

"Being able to apply the leadership skills that I received in the Navy here at Microchip has allowed me to advance my career from a Technician to a Hardware Design Team Lead currently responsible for the output of several PCB Designers."

David Chandler, US Army Technical Staff Engineer in Mount Holly Springs, PA

"In the Army I deployed to Southwest Asia. My platoon provided air defense of ground assets for our ally. I trained their military and provided tours of our site to diplomats. During the deployment, I developed invaluable skills that I use today at Microchip. I routinely utilize the presentation and team building skills from this experience. Most importantly, I gained self-confidence. I look back and realize if I was able to deploy with 20 soldiers and $30 million of equipment, halfway around the world, and return with everyone and everything back in one piece, no civilian job is too difficult."

Michael Egan, US Air Force Senior Supervisor – Equipment in Colorado Springs, CO

"The greatest knowledge I gained was not from my technical field which I had expected would have been, but rather learning how to lead was the highlight of my military career. To lead is to jump in and work alongside your team to help guide them in the right direction, problem solving and building together. When things go bad, you pick the team up and carry on. Invest in the time needed to really understand the strengths that each has to offer. Take those strengths and apply them where everyone feels meaningful to improve the team's structure. Hold all Expectations high."

Greg Morgan, US Navy Equipment Manager in Colorado Springs, CO

"The experience I gained in the US Navy prepared me to deal with many of the challenges I face today in my position at Microchip. It taught me how being a good team member is at times much more important than exceeding as an individual contributor. It taught me the value of showing respect and how to gain the trust and respect of my teammates. One of the most important lessons I learned in my military service was how strong leadership can elevate the performance of mediocre talent, while poor leadership can destroy the morale and performance of superior talent."

Tessa Terry, US Navy Senior Inventory Analyst and Material Control Supervisor in Gresham, OR

"As an Aviation Logistics Specialist for the Navy, I served on advanced units that were constantly deploying or training. The continual changes and challenges allowed me to develop professionally and also solidified the importance of teamwork. After separating and receiving my degree in Information Systems and Quantum Analysis, I was concerned about finding an employer that would be supportive in my transition from service member to professional. Much like the Navy, every day brings challenges here at Microchip, but with the help and support that surrounds me (at all sites) I am able to continue to grow professionally and be a part of a great team."

Kent A. Bushey, US Air Force Production Test Technician III in Simsbury, CT

"On July 11th, 1972, I enlisted in the Air Force. After completing basic training in Texas, I went to electronics school and my job required repairing a large computer system. I was part of a large team responsible for keeping two computers running 24/7. Needless to say, teamwork was a huge part of my job. My electronics, electro-mechanical, and computer hardware and software training allowed me to get a good paying job when I left the Air Force. I also took advantage of the G.I. Bill to get my Associate's Degree in Engineering Technology. I feel that my time in the service learning electronics and computer repair was very beneficial to my career because I learned patience, perseverance, cooperation, and teamwork."